Wednesday, August 26, 2009

HarseCamp 2009!

Was held at Balsam Lake Provincial Park this year, due to the difficulty of finding enough sites at Killbear Provincial Park. We had 5 sites in total, with various comings and goings through the week. The only ones missing altogether were Mike and Kathryn, but they had a pretty good excuse. Babies go on their own timetables, they don't understand camping reservations....
The summer has been so cold and rainy and un-summerlike, we were a bit concerned, but apparently we picked the right week! It was hot and sunny pretty much the whole week, with just a bit of rain on Monday evening. We spent most of every afternoon at the beach...aaaahhhhh! Just what the doctor ordered...
As always, the pictures tell the story:

Our campsite.

Mom and Dad's campsite right next door! Harpert and Marg were next to them, and then Brian and Barbara. John and Kim were across the road. Assorted kids could be found at various campsites throughout the day. Depending where the food was better.... like Froot Loops in pancakes... or other such silliness.

"Our" spot on the beach

Fun in the water

Tim and Jeremy on the attack! Those water cannons were VERY popular toys....

Mom and Dad having coffee at the canoe dock

Action shot!

Allison relaxing with a Fundip and an Archie comic book. Does it get any better than that?

Cousin bonding time! Deanna, Olivia and Bethany floated around all afternoon in those tubes.

More cousins, more bonding.

The Larson!

Natalie taking good care of Tyson.

And then she had to pee... what's a girl to do?

A pair of porpoises!

Harpert and Marg leaving early.... such a sad day. Goodbye Larson. Goodbye Opa Wim. Goodbye GREAT Uncle Harpert and GREAT Aunt Marg.

*sigh* is it time to book for next year yet?