Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ontario Place 2009

Yesterday the kids and I headed out to Ontario Place with Alicia, Reuben and Jonah. We had been planning to do this for a while, but our lovely rainy summer kept interfering with our plans. We finally decided to just go and take the weather as it came, and what do you know, we had a great day! It sprinkled a few times, and we thought we might get soaked, but then the sun would come out again...
The last time we went to OP was 4 years ago, Natalie didn't even come with us, as she was just a baby. It was fun then, and the older kids still remembered and talked about it. So I cashed in some Airmiles for tickets, thinking we would go when Art was up North last week. Too bad he couldn't come with us, but it was still fun. It's great for the kids to spend time with their cousins, Reuben was especially glad to hang out with Tim for the day...
On to the pictures.....
I took lots of them. I'll try to not post too many (sorry, Barbara) but we both have such photogenic kids :-)

Excited to be here, and ready to start playing!
Alicia and Deanna watching the action.
Natalie pretending to be trapped.

Feeding the geese her lunch.
Waiting in line for bumper boats
How do I steer this thing???
Silly faces.

Natalie was surprisingly good at this!
Reuben and Tim hanging out.
We met Elmo, Cookie Monster and Abby.
Natalie loved the splash pad
Giant slide...
Free Fall! Natalie was really mad that she couldn't go on this one.
Reuben on an ATV.
We ended up staying at the park til closing at 8:00. It was a late night, and a long day, but definitely worth it! The girls are already asking if we can do it again next year... anyone else want to come along?

Monday, July 20, 2009


Yah, has again been a while since I have updated this blog thingy. June/July in a nutshell, here goes...
June 27
Celebrating Grandma's birthday at Burlington Beach. I got exactly 0 pictures of Grandma. Oops. But lots of pictures of her cute grandchildren...

Visiting my cousin and her girls at Pinery Provincial Park. (early July? I think.)

Deanna's fancy Campfire! hairdo. Hopefully it kept the critters out! Tim went the week before (D1). I didn't braid his hair :)

And some lovely ladies at ballet school this morning.
Blogger Question: Is it just me, or is it extremely finicky to put pictures in your posts anymore? I used to be able to grab a picture and drag it to wherever I wanted it, but now I just have to keep moving it down a few lines at a time. It takes forever and makes me not want to add pictures to my posts anymore :(. Any advice?