Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Hobby

A while ago, I taught Deanna to crochet.  It's such an easy craft - you can pick it up for a few minutes and put it away until you have time again.

She did well and made an infinity scarf for herself and one for her cousin.

Since I taught her, I can't seem to stop crocheting!  I am really enjoying it - it's so much fun, and the projects I have been doing are quick and easy.  I can finish a hat in a few hours.  No afghans for me - I just don't have the patience...  I remember my Mom one winter made me a crocheted blanket for my bed.  It took for-e-ver to make.. it was bright yellow with popcorn stitches.  I loved that blanket!

Hats seem to be what's happening here these days though.... there are so many free patterns online, and also videos of how to do different stitches and techniques.  So easy to learn!

So here's a few things I've been working on....

Newborn Owl Hats.  (pardon the creepy doll...)

Natalie wanted an owl hat too!  This one is my favourite, I think.  Seriously, 2 hours it took me to make this hat!
Tim wanted a hat with a pom-pom.  He picked the colours... I love it!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Romeo, Romeo, Wherefore art thou, Romeo?

A couple of weeks ago, we had the opportunity to go see Romeo and Juliet at the Stratford Festival with my SIL, niece & nephew.
Art, Deanna and I went - it was fantastic!  We really enjoyed it.
And Bethany & Deanna were happy for the opportunity to see each other.
On a school night even!

Best cousin/friends!

Yep, we were there...

Hmm, those musketeers look oddly familiar...

Saturday, August 17, 2013

More Makeovers!!

Deanna's room this time!  We decided it was better to put Natalie in with the twins, and give Deanna her own room.  Now she is starting high school, she will need her own space, and she will be on a totally different schedule than Natalie.  It was really starting to be an issue, Nat would go to bed, and Deanna would decide she needed a shower... Deanna would get up and wake Natalie up before she needed to be...

That room is pretty small, and really a good size for one person.  We had picked up a paint mistint a few weeks ago (when I painted my island!)  and we picked up a new duvet cover at JYSK for pretty cheap.

Thursday we got right to work!  Took the twins' bunkbeds down, moved Deanna and Natalie's bunkbeds into the twins' room with Natalie's new captains bed.

Removed everything from Deanna's walls, spackled, sanded, washed walls.  Then two coats of paint.  Some laundry in between waiting for paint to dry...

I had found a double bed on Kijiji for Tim, so we went and picked that up, moved his single bed up to Deanna's new room, and put the double in Tim's room.  That was about enough work for one day...

Today was finishing touches - we bought her a new mattress, put up window blinds and her mirror, and got a shelving unit for her books etc.  We are still looking for a wrought-iron type headboard, or a nice white wooden bed/headboard.  Wheels on hardwood is a little annoying.. never know where you'll end up in the morning!

Here's the finished product:

Before.  A long time ago, but you get the idea..

After!!  So much more grown-up.  I just love the paint colour

New shelving unit, she can keep her treasures and do her hair!

We need to re-paint the desk, and we also plan to spray paint the chair.  Maybe silver?

She is very, very happy with the end result!