Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Niagara Falls Getaway...

Art and I were able to get away for a few days last week.  We went to Niagara Falls and were totally tourists - it was fun!
We did not brave the Black Friday sales in the U.S. of A., but did hop the border on Wednesday to check out the Outlet Mall (huge!) and have dinner at the Olive Garden.  I miss that restaurant!  Best part was, we waited forever for our food, and then Art's steak was way overdone, so we got his meal free plus a gift certificate.  We ended up paying $8 for our entire dinner, including drinks!  Now that's good customer service...

View of the American falls and Rainbow Bridge from our hotel room

The Canadian Falls

Here we are, at the Falls!  It was a gorgeous day

HAD to go into this store...

Yup, 5lb bar of chocolate.  Only $49

View from my chair as I read my book - bliss!
We couldn't have picked a better week - Wednesday was beautiful, and Thursday was better.  15 degrees and sunny - we walked everywhere!  Good thing, because we sure ate well too - dinner at Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse.  That was an experience!!
Friday was cloudy and rainy, which was fine, since it was time to drive home anyway.  It was nice and relaxing, but it sure feels like a long time ago already.... can we go back???  Ah.... it's good to be home too!!