Tuesday, August 23, 2011

HarseCamp 2011

Well, once again, HarseCamp is a thing of the past... many months of planning and anticipation gone in a short week.  Oh well, now we can start anticipating and planning HarseCamp 2012!!
We returned this year to our all time favorite park, Killbear Provincial Park.  We were so glad to be back, it really almost felt like coming home again.. Our site was really nice, and within sight of the beach - fantastic!
This year we had no mosquitoes, only a few yellow jackets, and one day of biting flies on the beach.  A few raccoons, no skunks, but BEARS!!  Yes, indeed, the black bears were quite active in the park this year, but as long as we put away all our food every night, they didn't bother us.  I think the only ones who DIDN'T see a bear were Tim and Piet, who walked to the garbage dump every night searching for them...
Ah well... maybe next year.  And now, the photographic evidence (but not of bears, we didn't get any pics of them):
Our campsite - #93

View from the back

Tim found this guy swimming along the beach

Movie night in our trailer!

Sunday Night Potluck Steak Dinner

Amanda, Tyson and Olivia enjoying ice cream at the Killbear Marina

Relaxing with a comic book.. what could be better?

Tubing!  Tubing could be better...

Our group on the beach!

More tubing! Caleb, Natalie and Micah

Allison in the Larson

This big rock behind our site was a great imagination builder!

Micah enjoying a wagon ride

Isaiah enjoying some good literature...


Playing with cousins on the beach all day... fun!

Minute to Win It! challenges..

Last campfire... had to use up all our smores kits.

Let's go back and do all this again, okay?  Who's with me???

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dear John....

...I updated my blog.  Just for you.

You're very welcome .

Your Favorite Sister