Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New look...

Two posts in one day??? What is this world coming to....
Deanna got her new glasses today, so I thought I'd post some pics of her new look. Especially for Bethany...
Here she is:

Looking WAY too grown up!
Side view, they are turquoise on the inside, I don't know if you can see that.
And she can SEE better too! She should be able to read the liturgy board at church
again, which would be a good thing...

Goodbye Summer, Hello School...

Hey, Blogger pictures are working again!! I can click and drag them.... Yay!

Anyway, once again it was time to send everyone back to school this morning. We had a good summer, and there were not too many days of boredom, but I think they were all ready to go back!
Especially Natalie, who has been counting down the days for weeks already.... She is SO EXCITED for KINDERGARTEN!!!!!

Here she is this morning, all ready to go with her new shoes and backpack. At 8:00 she wanted to know why we weren't leaving yet...
This year, Covenant has their largest student population ever, at 68 students!!! 26 of those are new, including Grade 1 and Kindergarten. So there are lots of new friendships to be made in every class! We have certainly been blessed, it was very evident this morning as our chapel could barely accomodate all the supporters that came out for the Opening Assembly. Mr. Meinen put the new Powerpoint projector to good use again for this Assembly. This is the Theme text for the year:
Other highlights from this morning:
Grades 1-4 lined up to go inside.

Grade 5/6 ready to get to work! Deanna is by the window in the pink shirt.
Grade 7/8. Tim got to pick his own seat. Mr. Meinen gives him a week before he ends up in the front row... :)
Grade 3/4. Allison is standing with a light pink shirt, Amanda by the window in dark pink.
Singing the Welcome song in kindergarten. It is so cute to see this small class - there are only 4 in total... including an adorable little Down's Syndrome girl, Esther. She was unfortunately ill today, so missed the first day of kindergarten..