Monday, October 10, 2011

10.10.10. Part 3 - The Grand Finale (Dinner at Grandma's)

Back to Mom and Dad's for dinner.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous!  We enjoyed a delicious pork roast cooked on the barbecue rotisserie, and we could even eat outside!
Lots of good serious conversations were happening:

 Birthday cupcakes for dessert:
 And a bonfire to complete the evening...
The only thing missing was the Alberta family :(  But we did enjoy talking to them via Skype on Piet's computer!
Much to be thankful for once again this year! 
 Great is thy faithfulness, O God our Father!

10.10.10. Part 2 - Eramosa Karst Hike

Today is actually Allison and Amanda's 10th birthday, so it started in the usual birthday tradition of giftwrapped boxes for breakfast...
 After lunch, we drove to Hamilton and met some of my family for a hike at the Eramosa Karst, which is around the area where my Dad's family lived when they first moved to Canada.  He and his siblings spent much time playing in the Karst, which is now a Conservation area.
Starting out on our walk:
The area is full of limestone rock.  A "karst" is a cave that is formed when water wears away the rock.
 Tried to get a nice shot of our kids.  Sigh.
 This is the Karst Window.  It's one entrance to the underground cave.
 Continuing on to the actual Karst Entrance...
 Which was pretty cool!
 There are 3 long, narrow entrances.  The kids were climbing out the back entry
 Tim's going to check it out!
 Not a lot of headroom in there...
 I went in too!  And got back out!
 Gorgeous fall colors...
 and some pretty young ladies....
 Bethany, Deanna, Natalie
 Amanda joined them for a silly shot
 OH NO!! Bethany fell off the edge!  Grandma to the rescue...
 (Great) Aunt Marg and Grandpa helping Benjamin
After a lovely hike, we headed back to Mom & Dad's for Thanksgiving Dinner

Sunday, October 9, 2011

10.10.10 - Part Numero Une

This is a BIG year for my twins!  They turn 10 on the 10th day of the 10th month!  They're a little disappointed that we didn't time their birth better, so they could turn 10 in 2010, but I think they've forgiven us... phew!
So, it'sAllison and Amanda's golden birthday.  We started off the festivities with a party Friday night (since their actual birthday is on Thanksgiving Monday...)
It was a typical party.  We had cupcakes....
 Opened presents....
 Did some facepainting, played some Wii....
 Even I got my face painted, compliments of Karla...
Followed by dinner, and then off to the Whale Pool for some swimming fun.
Saturday was Pieterman Thanksgiving dinner.  Lots of good food, including more birthday cake and gifts for the girls... It's a party all weekend!
Stay tuned for Part Numero Deux.... Thanksgiving at Grandma's.....