Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pool Days at Grandma's - 2012 Edition

This past Thursday was our first weekly Pool Day in Hamilton.  Even though Mom & Dad and John & Kim were gone, we still went and used their pool :)

On our way!

Natalie, Kylie, Allison enjoying the cool of the pool

"Hey, Mom, take our picture!"  and then they capsized.... (Amanda and Zachary)

Allison, Zach, Joshua in the tube, Amanda underwater.  Malachi wandering...

Zachary, Allison, Joshua, Amanda

Natalie peeking over the edge.  Some of Kathryn's family was there too, since M&K are house-sitting

Rick & Alicia, maybe you should get a dog???

Enjoying some Treehouse after a busy day of swimming!  Kylie was snuggling right up to Natalie

Kat in the Kitchen :)