Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

From my family to yours, a very Happy New Year!  Enjoy your celebrations tonight, and may God bless us all again richly in 2012!

Here's a cute little video to make you smile today:

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Harsevoort Sinterklaas 2011

We had a great time, as always, but really missed Stu & Sherri and boys this year :(

Deanna and Kylie on the piano

Aunt Marg & Simon

Aunt Marg, Uncle Harpert and Simon HARPERT!!

What's a family gathering without a rousing Dutch Blitz game?

Uncle Brian & Uncle John teaching the little ones about betting...hmmm

Some serious conversation

Micah Is Cute And Huggable

so is B, of course!

Joshua, don't let your mother see you up there!  Get down - right after I take your picture

Look up, look WAY up

Stick em up!

Hey Micah, let's see your funny face!

How lovely are these two???

Jeremy organizing a game

Oh Simon, I love your hair

Wow, piano for 3?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Puppy Udpate

Well, Lincoln has been here for 2 weeks now, and he is settling in nicely. As you can see, he feels quite comfortable here :)
He is still pretty calm, but loves to rough house with Tim or Art.  He's pretty gentle with the girls, usually.  He likes to bark at squirrels, but otherwise is fairly quiet.  He stays in his crate when we are not home, and is always happy to see us!

Last Saturday, we put up the Christmas tree and decorations.

 I just love the colour of this poinsettia!  It is much more red than it looks in the photo.  I've never seen one with variegated leaves like this!
Hope you are all preparing for a very wonderful Christmas too!