Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just for You, Suzie Q....

Suzie Q is a friend who gave me some internet links to websites with templates or instructions for different sewing projects.
This is a hobo bag I made for a friend's birthday this week. The instructions are from I really like it and it was a lot of fun to sew. The only flaw is that the strap is too short for my liking. I will make her a longer strap, other than that, it is definitely a project I would do again. In fact, I think I need one of these purses. Or two...
Fabric choices. Monica has a teacup collection, so I thought the teacup fabric was appropriate. Not to mention really cute.

Finished exterior:

Finished interior:
Complete with interior pocket:

Friday, February 20, 2009

Party Like You Were Born in 1999!

Today was the big event - the most talked about party at school this week - Deanna's 10th birthday party!
She had all the girls in Grade 3/4 (there is only one girl in Grade 3) and Natasha, so 5 extra girls in total. It was fun! They made jewellery, played outside, had pizza for supper, played in Deanna's room (yes, all six of them - it was stuffy in there!) had a Goody Box hunt and went home... Phew!
Deanna had asked for a bird's nest cake, in keeping with her new bird obsession. A bundt pan, chocolate icing, some dollar store birds, pretzels and chocolate eggs, and voila! A birds nest cake!
The jewellery making supplies, and the crafty girls concentrating on their creations.
She got some nice gifts too - including a sewing machine! A little Singer, we'll try it out tomorrow and see what it can do!
Also a greenhouse kit, some coloring supplies and a hemp jewellery kit. Enough to keep her busy for a while again.
Time for cake!
I forgot to take a picture, but instead of goody bags, I picked up some cute little boxes at Dollarama ( I love that place!). Deanna used her card making supplies to put each girls initials on the top, and they had a cute little jewellery box to take their necklaces/earrings home in! There were some nice ones too:

And now, the house is quiet, the kids are (hopefully) all sleeping, I am going to finish my glass of wine and go to bed!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Deanna's Decade Day!

Yep, she's a whole decade old today! She couldn't wait to get up this morning and see what it felt like to be 10!
Apparently, it feels much like being nine....
So here she is with her birthday loot at breakfast this morning:

A new Webkinz, a watch and a clock radio/CD player for her room. Plus her new birthday outfit that I took her shopping for on Saturday. To the MALL even! She was also impressed with the silver wooden shoe necklace Grandma gave her last night. It was a gift to my Mom from her grandmother when she was a little girl, so it's pretty special. An heirloom even...
And since she even got a Family Day holiday on her birthday, we went Glow-in-the-dark Minigolfing with some friends.

And of course, we couldn't let the day go by without cake. Even if it was leftover Valentine's Day cake. She'll get her special Birthday cake on Friday, when we have her party.
All in all, a very successful birthday celebration!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fog Day Fun

Today school was cancelled due to very thick fog in the London area. The fog lifted late this morning, and then it started to rain. This makes for a very grey and dreary day. With five kids cooped up inside, they were running out of ideas on what to do...
Then Tim found his Touchable Bubbles!

So that was fun for a while! Now Tim and Deanna are outside playing in puddles with Tim's army stuff, and the little girls are playing with their paper dolls.
I think today was the first time I've had the camera out in a month! That's pretty sad....

FYI, the Grand Opening Evening for our new school is scheduled for March 13, so mark your calendars, and come on out to see our new building!