Saturday, November 20, 2010


Last night, the CCS Ladies Auxiliary cooked and served Stamppot Dinner for 225 people. This is our large annual fundraiser/social event. We don't charge admission, but have a donation box by the door.
We thought we could seat around 200, and intended to cut it off there, but how do you say no to people who want to come out and support our school? So we ended up with about 225, and were really hoping we could squish the extras in somewhere!
There were 4 of us in the kitchen, along with some wonderful teenage helpers, who were great at peeling potatoes and setting up tables and chairs.
We served boerrenkoel, carrot stamppot, sauerkraut stamppot, smoked sausage (yum!) applesauce, fried onions, and cake/ice cream for dessert.
200 lbs of potatoes
60 lbs of sausage
30 lbs of carrots
10 lbs of onions
150 cups of coffee
3 Costco cakes
3 tubs of icecream
1.5 bushels of applesauce

translates into....

approximately $1700 net profit!

Thank you, thank you to those who came out. We enjoyed ourselves, and hope you did too. Even though the dishwasher broke down and we had to do dishes by hand. Even though our feet were sore and our hands chapped. I think we'll do it all again next year. We may have to find a bigger venue though....

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Rest of the Story.... pictures!

The twins had a birthday party:

Here they are busy making a craft...
Which they then got to take home.

While Chad & Erin were busy packing & moving, their kids spent some quality time here playing MarioKart Wii. (Noah's favorite!)

They all had to have a turn.
Grandpa & Nana's dog Missy came for a visit too one Sunday evening. She really likes Tim, but won't go down the stairs to find him. She just cried until he came up to see her.
Apparently his armpits are nice and warm. And ticklish!

Tim raked up a really large pile of leaves...
....and look! We found Natasha and Deanna in it!