Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Point Farms Provincial Park - Labour Day Weekend

So.. because 2 camping trips with our new (to us) trailer was obviously not enough, we went on one more trip!

Just for the long weekend (Thursday to Monday).  Also to show Danielle Dam (visiting from Holland) what Canadian camping is all about!  Apparently quite different from Dutch camping.  No campfires in Holland??  How in the world do they make smores then???

I'd forgotten I even took these pictures until I checked my camera tonight.... good memories!!  It was a busy week getting everything packed and all the school stuff ready, but the weather and the company totally made it worthwhile!  We would even do it again... right, Alicia????

Da beach!!!  We even got Piet to the beach for a day

The weather was perfect!

The water was warm!

Natalie made a sand village

Isaiah made... something.  But his smile is pretty cute!

Deanna and Olivia working on their tans

Absolutely gorgeous sunsets every night

Natalie looking quite grown up

Olivia - so pretty!

Tyson... being Tyson

Waking Deanna and Olivia up for breakfast...

...maybe that wasn't such a good idea??

Malachi getting pushed around..