Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Hobby

A while ago, I taught Deanna to crochet.  It's such an easy craft - you can pick it up for a few minutes and put it away until you have time again.

She did well and made an infinity scarf for herself and one for her cousin.

Since I taught her, I can't seem to stop crocheting!  I am really enjoying it - it's so much fun, and the projects I have been doing are quick and easy.  I can finish a hat in a few hours.  No afghans for me - I just don't have the patience...  I remember my Mom one winter made me a crocheted blanket for my bed.  It took for-e-ver to make.. it was bright yellow with popcorn stitches.  I loved that blanket!

Hats seem to be what's happening here these days though.... there are so many free patterns online, and also videos of how to do different stitches and techniques.  So easy to learn!

So here's a few things I've been working on....

Newborn Owl Hats.  (pardon the creepy doll...)

Natalie wanted an owl hat too!  This one is my favourite, I think.  Seriously, 2 hours it took me to make this hat!
Tim wanted a hat with a pom-pom.  He picked the colours... I love it!