Friday, January 18, 2008

Twin Day Etc.

Today I took my camera to CCS to record the goings on for School Spirit Afternoon (the first of four)! It was Twin Day (as mentioned previously) and fun afternoon, where the whole school was split into 4 groups to play various games, including Scattergories and Animal Whack! I took pictures of all the "twins" or "triplets", even a couple groups of "quadruplets" (including the staff) and will display them at the school next week. Here are all our twins:
And the staff:

On special days like these, the entire school has lunch together, which I think is great, and the kids love it too! There are usually lots of jokes being told, and I think today Mr. Meinen had a special twin story.

Here's a few more photos for the etc. part of the blog:
Natalie came and asked me to wash her hands. This is the face I saw when I turned around. She went straight into the tub. Good thing they were Crayola!
Allison very comfy on the couch. Yes, she is actually reading that book!
Enjoy your weekend, all!


Erica Feunekes said...

Hi Lisa! Remember me? So fun to stumble across your blog. Sure brings back memories! Love to hear how your brother Rick is doing-seeing as I went to school with him for 7 years... Erica Feunekes (Moesker)

Lisa said...

Hi Erica! Yes, of course I remember you! And guess what?? I've been "lurking" on your blog too...isn't technology wonderful?
My brother Rick is doing great - he married Alicia Bosscher 9 years ago, and they just had boy #3 in December. They live in Burlington, quite close to my parents, and he works with my Uncle John Harsevoort in construction. They do mostly renovations.
Sounds like quite an adventure where you are... say "hi" to the Togeretz's for me. I went to school with both of them, actually.
Out of curiosity, how did you find my blog? It's always neat to see who is reading about my humdrum life

Erica Feunekes said...

So nice to hear that Rick is doing well. One of our boys has a severe hearing loss and wears hearing aids and I often thought about Rick and how hard it must have been for him in school with no FM system.
I found your blog through Stu's blog and I can't remember how I found his...
P.S. So glad to hear you've been reading my blog... my work is not in vain...

T.B.H. said...

Nice colours, Lisa!

the vdbergs said...

Like the new colour scheme! Much easier on the eyes.

Lisa said...

Thanks! I think so too.