Friday, February 8, 2008

We Made It!

For all of you who are wondering how the trip was - it was long! That lovely snowstorm that hit Toronto on Wednesday really messed up our travel plans! We were really glad we left London when we did, as it started with freezing rain on the way to Burlington. We left Natalie with Grandma and continued to Toronto, where we checked into our hotel. And watched the snow come down...and down... and down some more. Walking to the restaurant for dinner was an adventure! Especially as we had no boots!
We checked at 2:30 a.m. to see if our flight was on time, and discovered it was delayed until 11:40, so back to bed we went. We took the hotel shuttle at 8:30 to the airport and went through security, etc etc, no problem!
Our flight was delayed twice again, we thought there was going to be a riot! As it turns out, our plane had been diverted to Ottawa during the storm and then had to fly in a new flight crew from Montreal, etc. so we finally took off at 2:30 p.m.! Some passengers had been at the airport since 2:00 a.m., even some with children!
By the time we arrived at the resort, it was 7:00, we were tired and sick of travelling. We checked into our rooms, checked out the buffet (too tired to eat) and went to bed.
This morning, we looked outside and decided it was all worthwhile! It is so beautiful here! There are coconut palms right outside our window, we can see the ocean from our room (sort of) and it is HOT!
We spent today on the beach (and getting new rooms, as ours had 2 double beds). The ocean is beautiful, and salty! You don't want to swim with your mouth open! Deanna, Mrs. Meinen and I went shell searching today, and found some pretty ones. It's very windy on the beach, but very hot by the pool. We are just finished dinner now, and then we will sit outside and play some cards or something.
Anyway, we are here safe and sound, and enjoying ourselves! We hope everything is going well at home, we miss you all and send lots of kisses and hugs!
Love Mom

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Stuart said...

Do you expect us to feel sory for you and your travels? Sheesh. I almost did, until you talked about your view and the weather.

Have a good time, and bring back plenty of pictures!