Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just for You, Suzie Q....

Suzie Q is a friend who gave me some internet links to websites with templates or instructions for different sewing projects.
This is a hobo bag I made for a friend's birthday this week. The instructions are from I really like it and it was a lot of fun to sew. The only flaw is that the strap is too short for my liking. I will make her a longer strap, other than that, it is definitely a project I would do again. In fact, I think I need one of these purses. Or two...
Fabric choices. Monica has a teacup collection, so I thought the teacup fabric was appropriate. Not to mention really cute.

Finished exterior:

Finished interior:
Complete with interior pocket:


Suzanne said...

Hi Lisa...Nice bag! I love the tea cups :) I haven't made that one yet - I wish we were there and I could've made one along with you :)

Lisa said...

Aww, me too! That would have been fun! If you do make that bag, do the strap about 10" longer. It called for 16", I did 24".
How are things out west?