Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

I hope all you Mom's had a lovely day yesterday, even if the weather was not ideal. Snow in May???
Deanna and a friend had been plotting most of the week, they were determined to make tea for us moms. So we had the B family over for dinner last night. Deanna and Olivia helped with dinner (they wanted to cook the entire meal, but.... they're not quite ready for that yet). They peeled all the potatoes, and mashed them when they were cooked.
After church, they served tea and chocolates to the adults.
The piece de resistance was the special dessert they had planned (they got the idea from a tea party book Deanna got from Grandma):
Ice Cream tea! Ice cream in cups and saucers, with chocolate sauce and sprinkles for "cream" and "sugar". The teeny teapot holds butterscotch sauce. It was nice to be "treated" by these two...
Here they are scooping out ice cream for the rest of the kids after serving us our special "tea".
Or eating all the sprinkles....