Saturday, June 19, 2010

Deck Building/Family Building

So today we gathered at the "new" homestead to help Dad build a deck. It was advertised as a Deck-building, Family building day. Us ladies left the men to the deck and focussed on the family building part. Complete with a trip to the park/splash pad, playing in the backyard, barbecuing, and some Baileys to finish it all off...

Guess who they're supporting in the World Cup?

The new deck going up... Tim had his first lesson in construction today, he manned a drill and screwed all the deckboards down.
This is where Mom and Dad's barbecue/patio set will be. It's the opposite side from John & Kim's part of the house, so nice and private. For John and Kim, I mean... :)
Tim showing Jeremy how it's done.

Freezies on the trampoline!
More freezies!
Deanna and Kylie matched nicely today
Cooling off in the kiddie pool

...and the big kiddie pool! I missed John's cannonball...


Zuster D. said...

So! If i see the pictures: I miss you all! :)

Lisa said...

Come back then....