Friday, July 23, 2010

Point Farms Camping Trip July 2010 (Part II of II)

More pictures:
Movie night!

Tyson, so cute!

Tim was jumping with Tyson on the bridge behind our site.

Caught him mid-jump!

I'd forgotten how beautiful...

...a Lake Huron sunset....

...can be!

"What flavour is your Jelly Belly?"

the last night it rained.  A lot.  This is us trying to enjoy a campfire in the rain.  We tried, really we did...

THIS is what we woke up to this morning.  If you've ever packed up wet camping stuff, you know how we felt.

Tim stayed mostly dry(ish) in his new Day-Glo tent!

And now we are home and dry, the trailer is mostly unpacked, laundry is almost done, and we're looking forward to camping at Balsam Lake in two weeks!  We had a good time despite the weather, and we were treated to one of these tonight to welcome us home:

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Zuster D. said...

Sounds good Lisa!