Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Rest of the Story.... pictures!

The twins had a birthday party:

Here they are busy making a craft...
Which they then got to take home.

While Chad & Erin were busy packing & moving, their kids spent some quality time here playing MarioKart Wii. (Noah's favorite!)

They all had to have a turn.
Grandpa & Nana's dog Missy came for a visit too one Sunday evening. She really likes Tim, but won't go down the stairs to find him. She just cried until he came up to see her.
Apparently his armpits are nice and warm. And ticklish!

Tim raked up a really large pile of leaves...
....and look! We found Natasha and Deanna in it!


Anonymous said...

That is indeed a big pile of leaves!

A birthday party for the twins...glad we live in Hamilton! Must have been busy...

Lisa said...

The birthday party was fun! 6 giggly girls, what's wrong with that?

Today we bagged up that big pile of leaves. I think we needed 6 or 7 bags just for that pile! We filled 18 bags total, and only quit because we ran out of bags

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of leaves! And you don't even have that many trees--just get your neighbours to clean up their leaves that fall into your yard!

hmm... my verification word was "squat"