Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas 2010

Inbetween bouts of stomach flu, which took it's time making way through our family, we did manage to go to Hamilton for Christmas dinner at my parents.

The ice rink Uncle John built in the backyard was the main attraction! Lots of room for everyone to skate...

Tyson's a pretty serious hockey player..

so is Micah..look at him trying to trip Amanda!
Natalie was happy to let Zachary push her around for a while

More conversation (over a friendly game of Wits and Wagers. Or rather... How do You Play This Game Anyway????)

It was a segregated dinner service. This is the cool table:

and this is the Other table.

Another view of the Cool Table:

Such a blessing to have a large, close family at this time of year. Or any time of year, really.
I wish you all God's blessings in 2011!


Anonymous said...

The "Cool" table? Ours was the "Hot" table where all the Hotties were seated!Even Tim was (almost) part of the hotties group!

Lisa said...

Ha Ha, Tim did kind of have his own little table going on over there, didn't he? Poor guy.. not!