Monday, March 7, 2011

I Lost a Toth!

Yesterday, Natalie's 2nd baby tooth came out (finally!) She was so excited. She took it downstairs to show it off to Dad, and somehow lost it on the way back upstairs.
Last night the tooth fairy didn't come (oops!) So tonight, Natalie decided to write the tooth fairy a note to put under her pillow tonight.
Here is the note:

She wrote it all by herself. She only asked for help spelling "fairy".
I lost a tooth! I lost a tooth! (Exclamation marks mean you use an excited voice...)
But I dropped it. So I can't find it. I'm sorry. Too bad I can't find it.
To: the Tooth Fairy
From: Natalie

The tooth fairy thought it was so cute, she left TWO treats under Natalie's pillow. And a note of her own :)

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wildeboer said...

How lovely, I love that age!
Wim & Lammieke