Monday, June 13, 2011

June Jollies

So far this month:

Daddy removed the old, rotten sandbox. And all the sand that only got mixed with water, dumped in the grass and tracked through my house.

Somebody was NOT happy about it.

We had a big windstorm. It knocked a birds nest and the baby birds right out of this tree! Good thing Tim saw them as he came around the corner with the lawnmower...

Starlings, I think.... I checked on them the next morning, and they were still there, but had disappeared by afternoon. Hmmm.

Deanna went to a birthday party and won a kite! And then she flew it.
And so did Natalie... (see her tongue sticking out?)

...and Allison did too! With some help from Amanda

It wasn't a very good kite. Or windy enough. But they had fun anyway.
Less than 2 weeks left of school!!!! Tim is done exams this Friday... wow!

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