Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Family Fotos

Since our last family pictures were taken in 2008, we thought perhaps it was time for an update...
A talented young lady from our church took these.
It's possible one of them will be on our Christmas card this year.

YES, Tim is smiling.  He insists he is smiling.  Honest.

In the soybean field.  Sorry, Mr. Farmer, for the beans we trampled

Tim's happier now, I guess.  

I thought this was a cool shot..


Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures!
Very lovely family ♥♥
Hugs from here,

Rinet said...

The smiling off Tim, here in Holland we call that : als een boer met kiespijn (as a farmer with a toothache... sounds very crazy in English btw lol)

Nice pictures! Pretty family!

Lisa said...

Thanks Rinette! Good to hear from you