Monday, January 12, 2009

First Day of School!

In our new facility, that is! After a 3-week break, CCS opened its doors again. This time to its larger, much more suitable and permanent school building in Lambeth! The kids were so excited to go to school today. A 3 week holiday is nice, but it was plenty long enough...
I took my camera along this morning to record the historic events! After 32 years in the "old" school, this is a BIG DEAL!! I told the kids they were part of history!!! Mr. Meinen told them the same thing in his opening remarks this morning. There was not an assembly, but the school did morning devotions together in the chapel. Yes, we have a chapel! No more moving desks aside in Gr 7/8 classroom for assemblies, and hoping there is enough room.... we can fit 100+ people in the chapel, and if we need more room, we move to the gym!
So here are some pictures of the historic events!!
Waiting to come in! The Grade 1-4 entrance.
Yep, they still remember how to line up!
Grade 5-8 entrance.
Opening devotions in the chapel.
Allison and her speech therapist in the "Special Ed" office! Nice and bright and sunny, compared to the dungeon of a basement we used before.
Grade 1/2 classroom
Grade 3/4 classroom
Grade 5/6 classroom
Grade 7/8 classroom
Mr. Meinen needed a coffee before he started teaching. The staff room is a LONG way down the hall....


Anonymous said...

Looks good, that's for sure. Much nicer than the old building.

How come Timothy and the other guy don't get paired up with anyone--too rowdy?

And how come I didn't see Deanna in any of the pictures? Was she hiding, ashamed of her mother who came to school with her? What an ingrate!

Lisa said...

Tim is the rowdy one, for sure! Mr. Meinen likes him right up front, where he can keep a close eye on him...

I think you need to clean your glasses. Take another look at Grade 3/4. Deanna is in the white sweater and ponytail, she has an empty desk behind her.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well, all girls around that age have ponytails and look the same from the back. I can't be held responsible for identifying them...

Anonymous said...

Wow! London can be proud of their new school building, with it's bright airy classrooms ans spacious surroundings. Indeed a blessing to be thankfull for! Love Dad