Saturday, January 10, 2009

Weekend Pet

Abby is visiting us again for the weekend. She is the best kind of pet to have! She comes and stays for a few days, keeps the kids occupied, and then she goes home before she costs us any money!
She has the most beautiful big brown eyes, but she always looks so sad. Last night when she came, Natalie was quite concerned about her. She spent about 1/2 hour trying to cheer her up. She just laid on the floor by Abby, talking and talking to her, and hugging her...

The dog has no reason to be sad, though, she gets treated like a princess around here!

Natalie had Deanna's headband light on today, because she was an "I Spy". She pulled it down over her eyebrows and said "See Mom, now I'm mad"

Then she pulled it back up and said "Now I'm happy!"

Monday the kids go back to school - finally! I'll try to remember my camera, and post some pics of them in the new school! They can't wait....

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