Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Tim!

And a milestone birthday it is at that! We are now officially parents of a teenager.... wow.
He was a bit disappointed when he woke up yesterday morning and .... didn't feel any different. No wiser, no more distinguished. Just Tim. I remember feeling the same disappointment on my 13th birthday. Somehow it seemed there should be some way to instantly tell... hey, that kid is 13 now.
He had a good day anyway. It's been a very busy week around here, so I didn't even get a chance to do birthday shopping til the afternoon of his actual birthday. I knew what I was getting him, just didn't get to the stores. I did supply teach in Tim's class on his birthday, so at least I got to spend lots of time with him. And we brought cupcakes.
Here he is with his favourite gift. Now if he could only play it....
He also got a pocketknife and a new Monopoly game. It's pretty neat.
Supply teaching for 2 days = no time to bake = Dairy Queen ice cream cake. Good thing we don't buy those every day! Very yummy, but not cheap!
Wow, those candles throw off a lot of light! Quick, blow them out before the ice cream melts!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, um, happy birthday, Tim. As you were partying I was either sitting in the cold on my tractor or at my night class...

Hopefully your day was more exciting than mine!

Nice guitar, when are you doing lessons?

willowsprite said...

Happy Birthday!
Aunt Sherri

Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday to Tim! I can't believe he's a teen already!! And so tall - what happened?

Lisa said...

Suzanne, your day will come - sooner than you think!
He did get very tall over the summer - as did the rest of the kids.

Herman & Jane said...

Happy birthday Tim! Wow, with the guitar and the piano, I think we'll be seeing the Pieterman family band performing soon! Will your mom be singing?
love uncle John and Aunt Kim (we're at Grandma and Grandpas)