Thursday, October 15, 2009

October Octet of Occasions (Part 1)

1. Visit to the Fanshawe Pioneer Village with Grade 3/4
...on the coldest, windiest, wettest day of the year. We did the guided tour, where we got to...
make a roof shingle

visit the Free Press and print a page to take home

try to churn some butter

and visit the schoolroom.

Then we had lunch in the (warm!) cafe, took a quick look at the animals, and headed back to school for hot chocolate! BRRRR!! The students would have stayed all afternoon, I think, but us chaperones were too cold.
2. Surprise 40th birthday party for a friend...

The cake

The surprise (she wouldn't come in!)

The cake and the birthday girl.
3. Allison and Amanda turn 8!
Goodbye booster seats - yay!
Who still thinks they look identical? In this picture, I really don't see it.

Waiting to open gifts...whoohoo!

New pj's from Grandma and Grandpa!
4. Uncle Mike and Aunt Kathryn and baby Kylie come for a visit....
Somehow I have lots of pictures of this little cutie, but not so many of Mike and Kathryn. Hmm... be continued....

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