Sunday, November 29, 2009

More November Notables...

When Stu and Sherri came to visit last Saturday, Natalie and Callum discovered that it was lots of fun to jump on the bed we had set up downstairs.

This Friday was a PD Day. To keep the kids occupied, we set up the tree. Then I gave them the box of ornaments. They did a pretty good job!

The end result last night:
Doesn't it look cozy?
I finally remembered that gift card you stuck in my pocket on my birthday! This is what I got with it:

Natalie got a new Sunday dress:

Back view (terrible flash, sorry...)


Anonymous said...

What a nice gift I got you!
Natalie's dress is beautiful.
Next time you have a PD Day come for a visit.

Lisa said...

It is a nice gift - thank you!
We will come for a visit - definitely over the Christmas holidays!