Monday, December 7, 2009

Backyard Visitors

Every winter, we hang a birdfeeder in the back yard. It is so fascinating to watch through the window as our feathered friends empty it in about 2 days! Of course, we have the usual variety of birds... house sparrows, chickadees, dark eyed juncoes, and a few pairs of cardinals. This year, however, word seems to have spread about our backyard buffet, and we've noticed some newcomers!
A few weeks ago, we spotted a red-breasted nuthatch. What a neat bird! It's been back quite regularly.
This morning there was one of these pecking around in the trees back there too.
They all regularly get chased by these pesky critters. I finally found a feeder that they can't get into!


Stuart said...

What, no pictures? You don't stand there for hours with your camera just to satisfy the curiousity of your readers? Sounds like laziness to me!

Maybe we should hang up a birdfeeder outside our kitchen window.... although I don't know how many different kinds of birds are nearby, since there are few trees here.

Lisa said...

No I didn't... that's why I put in hyperlinks. :)

We have the hedge in the backyard, which definitely helps.

Anonymous said...

Your hyperlinks aren't so "hyper".

PietHarsevoort said...

Deana must be loving it!

Lisa said...

Barbara, are the links not working for you?
Piet, Deanna is loving it. Unfortunately she missed the woodpecker, she was at school. But we've seen him before, so he'll probably be back!