Saturday, January 23, 2010

Before... and Demo Day

Wallpaper stripped off interior walls - check.

Window frame removed so garbage can go out and drywall can come in without being tracked through the entire house - check.

Lovely faux trim installed with one nail on each end ripped off - check.

Tim's room - before. Sadly, the Norman Rockwell puzzle has been taken to the dump. I know you all wanted it...

This is now my laundry/family room. The DVD player and Wii are hooked up, so at least the kids can use those. Apparently it's scary down there though. That's okay, a couple weeks without tv or Wii won't hurt anyone.
The carpet was removed from the stairs a few years ago, when one of the kids upchucked all the way down the stairs, and we decided that it wasn't worth trying to clean it up. Oh wait, Daddy decided that, since I wasn't home at the time...:)
Remove closet from Tim's room so it can be relocated - check.
You can see where it was before, really inconvenient when you walk in to the room. This way gives him a lot more space.

Take time out to attend Euchre Tournament - check!!!
And the lovely stucco ceiling is gone too.


Stuart said...

That's a lot of work you're doing there. Good thing we live too far away to help ;)

Can't wait to see what you decided to do with that room.

Lisa said...

Ha ha! But you're a demolition expert aren't you?
Tim was a big help on Saturday.
We are also replacing a lot of aluminum wiring while the ceiling is open down there. Whoever wired this place was.... hmm... less than knowledgable, I'd say.