Friday, February 5, 2010


Now my rooms look like rooms again.
This is taken from the stairs coming down. The new windows are here, but not yet installed.

The doorway on the left is the bathroom, on the right goes into Tim's room (and no, that is not Tim's beer bottle). The fan is to dry the mud so they can do another coat in the morning.

Taken from the back corner of Tim's room. That is his closet on the right.

The bathroom. The throne will be on the far left, leaving lots of room for a vanity/sink.
Surprise - we put in a shower! We figured we might as well bite the bullet and get it all done now. Tim is happy. Until I told him he'd have to clean it!

No more stucco! All nice and smooth and clean. You can see the cutouts for the potlights here.
Progress... I'm hopeful...


Maple Ridge Landscapes said...

Looks great Lisa! I think we put the same shower in our house (which we're now leaving) Looks like Tim's gonna have a sweet room, maybe I can come for a sleepover.

Lisa said...

Why do you need to come for a sleepover? Kim finally had enough of you?
Took her long enough....
You will probably have to come soon after he moves in, before he carpets his room with his dirty laundry like you guys did..

Lisa said...

Didn't you put a corner shower in?

Maple Ridge Landscapes said...

You're right, that isn't the same shower. You're also right, Kim probably is sick of me. And mom would never have let us carpet our room with dirty laundry....she would have picked it up and cleaned it, folded it, and put it away. Shame on you