Saturday, August 28, 2010

Beach Day!

This has been such a wonderfully hot and sunny summer, hasn't it? So when my SIL asks if we want to spend the afternoon at Pinery with them, I can hardly say no, can I? Especially with only one week of vacation remaining before back to school....
Sadly, Art could not join us, but we had a great time anyway.... Lake Huron is so beautiful!
So shallow for so far out... the kids couldn't wait to hit the water!

It was nice and warm too!

Natalie had enough of the boogie board, I guess...
Time out for a snack! These three polished off that whole bag of Sunchips, I think.
This pretty much sums it up
Tim spent his time trying to recreate Stonehenge with driftwood.
Ah.... relaxing!

Natalie convinced Auntie Erin to play catch with her.

This appeared to be quite the conversation.
It was a wonderful afternoon.... we're hoping for a family beach day next week sometime yet.


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures
The weather in Holland is very bad!
We are jealous. ☺

lammieke said...

The anonymous message came from us.
Sorry! Lammieke

Lisa said...

Nice to hear from you Lammieke! The weather here has been very hot and sunny, so we have been enjoying it every chance we get! Next week school starts, and we won't be able to get out as much...