Friday, September 10, 2010

For the birds...

..or the bird lovers anyway. Today was a very special day around here :). Deanna has been collecting mail for our retired across-the-street neighbours, as they take off for the trailer up north every summer. For this task, she gets paid the princely sum of $3/week. She's been saving her money all summer hoping to buy a bird with it. The neighbours come home periodically for doctor appointments, and come over to pick up their mail. Each time, Mr. Short would ask Deanna if she wanted to be paid up to date. She always refused, fearing she'd spend the money instead of saving. Last week, she decided she'd like her money. So, with $43 burning a hole in her wallet, she started pet bird research.
With a little help from Mom and Dad, she is now the proud owner of this beautiful blue budgie:

She wanted a male, as they are easiest to train, and tend to talk more. The cage we found on Kijiji, complete with food dishes/toys. The bird came from Petsmart. That way it has a warranty.

He's a gorgeous deep blue, almost purple (her fav color!)

He has not yet been named. She's waiting to see what his personality is like first.

We found him a nice home in the living room, as they are social birds and like to be where the action is. I've heard birds can be messy, but Deanna promises she will clean up after it without fail. We shall see... he is cute though.


Herman & Jane said...

Just Beautiful!! Take good care of him Deanna

Anonymous said...

Nice bird! Hopefully it's not too loud in your livingroom!

Lisa said...

He's pretty quiet so far, we'll see. He now has a name... Bert The Beautiful Blue Budgie.