Monday, February 21, 2011

February Festivities

February is kind of a dull, drab, depressing month, isn't it? Good thing we have some events to liven things up! First comes Valentines Day. OK, hokey Hallmark commercialized holiday, but still, a good excuse to brighten up the house with flowers, right? And make a totally decadent dessert:

Valentine's Day is followed two sleeps later by:
This year she turned 12.
Luckily, she blew out all the candles. She's too young for boyfriends anyway. Dad says she has to be at LEAST 40.

What with all the flowers and cakes and birthday presents and such, the other kids got shortchanged, I guess. They were forced to make do with what they could find for toys. Like cardboard boxes....

This was a space ship, originally. I think it's now a computer/autograph book/graffiti wall... they've been playing with it for a week. At least.

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