Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Talent Show?

Look at the amazing human pyramid! Such grace! such talent!

Well, for 1.8 seconds anyway :)

And this one - she's a doctor! Complete with a doctor kit from Dollarama...
Of course she can't see a THING without her glasses...

Here she is taking the rock out of my stomach.... with no anaesthetic!
"But Natalie, won't that hurt?"
"It's only pretend, Mom. Just pretend it doesn't hurt, ok?"
"But don't you have to sew my stomach back together?"
"Mom - I'm the doctor, remember? That means I make the rules"
"Yes, Doctor"
Deanna has a rock in her stomach too.
"I'll just take your temperature to see how you're feeling. Hm. 38. Not bad!"


Stuart said...

Very professional-looking, Natalie. Even the facial expressions. Is she fast-tracking already?

Lisa said...

We should be so lucky!

Zuster D. said...


Anonymous said...

Go Natalie! Isaiah has been into doctor lately too.....fine by me. The patient lays on the couch, and he gets to work. Can you say NAP?!?!?


Lisa said...

Alicia - the only thing better is when they play hairdresser and brush your hair forever :)