Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Birthdays, Nephews and Home Decor

Last Sunday was Tim's 11th birthday! We had had his party on the Thursday before his birthday, however I forgot my camera, so no pictures. It was a combined party with two other boys from his class who also have September birthdays. We figured it would be easier to have one big party than three separate parties with the same guests! It was a lot of fun! The local indoor pool has an after-school swim on Thursdays from 3:30 - 5:00, so we went there with 10 birthday party boys and all their siblings. You should have seen the faces on the lifeguards when we walked in with 20 kids! AAAGGGHHH!!!! They were all well-behaved and had a great time. We then picked up pizzas and headed back to the school for supper and cake & presents. It worked out so well, we just might do it again next year! The kids had fun, the siblings were involved too, and (best of all) nobody's house was a big mess! I am waiting for pictures from one of the other Mom's, then I will post some here. Maybe even some of our minister on the rock wall at the pool!
Here are some of Tim's actual birthday:

The birthday boy! Opening gifts at breakfast

With all his booty.... new pj's (no socks and underwear - phew!), a game he has been wanting (Carcassonne and various expansions) and a one year subscription to Owl Magazine.

On his actual birthday my brother Stu preached here in London. Tim thought that was pretty neat, and all the kids were really excited to see Uncle Stu walk out of the consistory room before church! I think everyone heard their stage whispered chorus of "It's Uncle Stu!" Even though they knew it would be.....
Here's a picture of the oldest and the youngest (for now) Harsevoort grandsons:

And some really cute ones of Callum sleeping on our bed:

Isn't he adorable?

OK, so that takes care of Birthdays and Nephews. As for the Home Decor:
Today I did something I should have done years ago, I don't know why I didn't think of it before. We have 4 chairs in our dining room with upholstered seats. They are nice chairs, but upholstery + kids = mess! Spills, playdough, dirt, the chairs don't stay clean for long. I have taken a carpet cleaner to them, which works, but of course they don't stay clean for long! So today for about $10 I recovered them with vinyl. Duh! Should have done that a long time ago! Here's a before and after:

Much better!

Also on the subject of home decor, we will be renovating our kitchen soon! We came accross a nearly new (2 yrs old) kitchen that someone is replacing, and was selling for a really good price, so I will try and post before, during and after pictures of that reno too. I'm hoping it won't take too long!


Stuart said...

Nice work on the chairs... Reminds me of the chairs mom used to do, unless I'm making up that memory!

You forgot about the giggling after they said "It's Uncle Stu"...that's what I remember hearing most.

And what a cute little guy sleeping in your bed...probably the cutest of all the cousins!!

Lisa said...

Yes, Mom did used to do chairs too. You're not making that up.

Yes, I remembered the giggling. I didn't mention it because it's kind of understood. They're girls. They giggle. A lot.

Yes, Callum is cute, but let's not get carried away! I will say he's the absolute cutest boy cousin under the age of 1. That's for sure!

Stuart said...

But how long are you going to be able to hold up that statement? Until December?

Lisa said...

Depends if Barbara has a Jim or Jemima..
Or Alicia, I guess. Based on previous deliveries, that's probably about as long as Callum will hold the title.
The rule is always: the youngest is the cutest. It was true when you were the baby, it's true now.

Stuart said...

I was never told that rule... I guess it works. I guess I can lie and say that some other kid is cuter than Callum when I need to....just to keep up the rule.

Lisa said...

Well, that's how we've always done it.... just to keep up the rule.

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