Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Field Trip

Today I drove/chaperoned for Grade 3/4 Pioneer Village Field Trip. I was a little worried after all that rain yesterday, but today was a gorgeous fall day. Sunny and warm-ish (if you were out of the wind). Anyway, we had a great day. There were 13 students and 3 chaperones (including the teacher), and we had 3 tour guides, so we split off into nice small groups. I had 5 girls in my group (the boys are largely outnumbered in this class!). I'll let the pictures tell the story....

Getting our pre-tour instructions and introductions:

Miss Vanderdeen's group behind us:

My girls at the printing press and the Orange Lodge (giving their feet a rest):

Checking out the chickens: The rooster had to show off for all of us "chicks":

Letting off some steam in the Hedge Maze after the tour:

What was your favorite part? THE HEDGE MAZE!!!

Now the kids have 2 days off as the staff attends the annual Teachers Convention. Tim is gone on a sleepover, and Art won't be home til late tonight, so it's Girls Night In! We plan to rent a movie and pick up pizza for supper, or make chicken nuggets and french fries - we'll see.
I had put on a crock pot of chili this morning, but there's no sense serving that, I'll save it for tomorrow. The house smells great, though...
Tomorrow we plan to do some geocaching, I'll explain later..

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Anonymous said...

I hope you do some explaining...

There were some kids at the College today...good thing we're on reading break. I showed up to do some work just as they were leaving. Talk about good timing!!