Thursday, October 4, 2007

Piets and Pots at the Park!!

Today was such a beautiful day, I took the kids to the park after school. We had two extras along (Pot children, hence the title). I love Saturn Playgrounds!

Natalie on the slide, and the twins on the giant steps.

Isn't this a great shot of Natalie?

The kids call this contraption "The Train", or "the Bridge". Deanna and Kara are turning the rod to give the twins a ride to the other side. Takes muscles!

Tossing the football, Deanna and Kara on the cool teeter-totter, having a snack break.

This spinning chair makes me dizzy just watching them!

Natalie in the bubble.

One of our motorcycle gang had a wipeout!

We met one of the twins' good friends from kindergarten, Luc. That's his big sister behind him.


Herman said...

Looks like fun was had by all, (even Mom) Beautiful playground!! Didn't have this stuff when I was young(er)we had to play with our little brothers and sisters. (They bounced pretty good though)

Lisa said...

Poor Aunt Marg...

willow sprite said...

Great pictures, Lisa!