Friday, December 21, 2007

An Assembly, A Birthday, and Callum

What a busy day! Most importantly, today we celebrated Natalie's 3rd birthday! Hard to believe she is not our baby anymore. All day long when people asked her how old she was, she would proudly say "Number Three!"

She doesn't look any older than she did yesterday...

This was also the last day of school for the kids at Covenant Christian School, thus a Christmas Assembly! As they did last year, the school went skating at a nearby arena this morning, then headed to the church for a soup lunch provided by the Ladies Auxiliary before the assembly this afternoon.
Mmmm... soup after a morning of skating! Natalie enjoyed it too.

Grade 1/2

Grade 3/4

Grade 5/6

The whole school!

Then, to top off the day, Stu and Sherri and Callum came over for dinner. He is such a cutie!
And, to end the day right, birthday cake, of course!


Stuart said...

And, Callum slept all the way until 6:20 this morning!! Hopefully a change for the better. Or else we'll have to visit you more often so that you guys can tire him out like yesterday!

Lisa said...

Good boy, Callum! He can visit anytime...
You and Sherri too, of course!