Monday, December 3, 2007


Today we got our first major snowfall of the year. Early this morning I got the call that school was delayed by 2 hours due to weather. Not 30 minutes later, the phone rang again... no school! I let the kids sleep in, they were all tired after a busy weekend. They got up about 8:15 panicking that we would be late for school! Until they looked out the window...

OK, those pictures are from later this afternoon, but you get the idea! After breakfast, Deanna and Amanda went outside to check it out.

"Mom, I can't see!"

I had to get a few things from Loblaws, and picked up these to keep the kids busy:

I thought the train kit was neat for a change! That kept them busy for a couple of hours! What fun! Tim spent most of the day baking (!) he even made fudge!

And Natalie just wandered around being cute. See?

(I had to take a picture of her pony too!)

These snowsqualls are supposed to keep up all day tomorrow too! We'll see what happens in the morning.
Tim has a job this winter shovelling snow for the retired couple across the street. Today he earned his first $5.00 shovelling; he was proud! He may earn more tomorrow... it's fun now, wait til February!


Anonymous said...

If we come over during Christmas break, do we get to help smash the gingerbread house and train?

And Natalie sure does look cute.

Timothy, baking? I seem to recall John going through a stage like that, although later in life, I think. Was it good fudge?

Lisa said...

Sure, come on over, we'll break out the gingerbread (haha)! Yes, Tim likes to bake. And that's the same comment Mom made when I told her. Poor John has a rep! Well, at least we remember something about that middle child...

Lisa said...

We now have about 1.5 ft of snow out there. Tim made $15 after school shovelling driveways! Yay Tim!

Anonymous said...

After my exam tomorrow, I might be looking for a job...does Tim need any employees?

We didn't get as much snow...but we did almost get stuck in Orangeville Sunday night with the freezing rain, but I had to study on Monday, so we drove home anyways. I can't wait for my first snow day!!

Marg said...

Snow, snow, snow... can't say that I'm missing that stuff out here1 I'm looking forward to my nice hot summer.
I like the gingerbread house and train...I wonder if we can get them here?
Yes, Natalie does look cute!!