Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Farewell to My Opoe

Yesterday my Opoe Sandink passed away at the age of 86. She was my last remaining grandparent.
She lived a long and full life, and was relatively healthy right up to the end. She suffered a stroke yesterday afternoon and passed away last night, peacefully, with her children by her side. Her greatest fear over the past little while was that she would die in the night, alone, and no one would know. We are thankful that God did not allow this to happen. We are thankful that she did not suffer, but was taken quickly to heaven, where she is reunited with those of her family that have gone on before.

Some remembrances:

* When I was little, we lived in the duplex beside Opoe and Opa. Often, Mom would find me eating dinner at their house.

* When we had oatmeal for breakfast, Opoe let us add as much brown sugar as we wanted to.

*Opoe made delicious homemade liverwurst from the yuckiest ingredients. She would sew it into old sheets. We ate it fried for breakfast, and cold on bread for lunch. Sounds wierd, but it was our favourite!

* Opoe and Opa had a huge garden in the backyard, full of raspberry canes and gooseberry bushes and all kinds of yummy things. She would make gooseberry jam, raspberry jam and other delicious items...

* When Opa would be angry at us (not often, but it did happen) we could count on Opoe to be there with a hug and a candy. Or a popsicle.

We will miss you, Opoe. How comforting to know that we will meet again, in a place where there will be no sorrow or suffering.


T.B.H. said...

Oh, I am sorry to hear about your Opoe, Lisa. I remember her as the sweetest smiling lady ever. She was never in a flap. She has been promoted, but her loved ones stay behind. I know how you feel. Our condolences.

Lisa said...

Thank you, Thea

PietHarsevoort said...

Well said, sis.

Marg said...

My condolences with the passing on of your grandmother. Where would we be without our faith?!! What a comfort knowing where our loved ones are. I pray that God gives you the strength and comfort you will need for the funeral.
Love and best wishes from Margret

Canamerican said...

Lisa, our love, thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Passing of a grandparent is a bit sad but knowing you will meet again is of great comfort at times like these! Love you guys...we need to get together soon! xoxo Aimee