Saturday, May 17, 2008

Photo Catch up (sorry dial up users!)

About a month ago we visited with Tim's teacher and her husband. Her parents have horses, and we took the kids over to the barn after dinner to check them out. I took lots of pictures, saved them in a wrong folder and promptly forgot about them. Until today. Here are some cute ones:

The girls feeding the horses. That Bucky sure was a greedy one! I love the expression on Allison's face in the shot on the left.

Allison again, pretending to be a horse. We tried to lock them in and leave them there....

Natalie was more interested in the big pile of sand!

And Allison AGAIN! But it's a cool shot! Natalie giggling as the cat tickles her face with its tail...

Tim taking his sisters for a ride.
This past week, we discovered a few interesting things in our back yard. They included:

Baby birds! A starling on the left, and newborn robins on the right

Lovely lilacs.

A princess washing her car!!!!!

And who could resist this filthy yet adorable child so intent on digging sand?


Stuart said...

Nice pictures. Does Natalie always dress up to wash her car?

Lisa said...

Natalie wears that dress pretty much every day. To the grocery store.... to the park... she'd wear it to church if we let her. And we may not call her Natalie when she has the dress on, she is PRINCESS!

John Harsevoort said...

Tell Art to cut the grass, it's going to seed already!

Lisa said...

He did already. With his brand new lawnmower. We bought one with a safety cut out handle so Tim can start cutting the grass!
The neighbour two doors down already hired him to cut her grass, and paid him $20 too!
I think I'll get a job grasscutting this summer...

And update your blog're getting to be as bad as Pieter again!