Sunday, August 10, 2008

Finally Slowing Down!

The last couple of weeks have been incredibly busy around here! Art's soccer schedule, Tim's baseball schedule, swimming lessons, sleepovers, all combined to drive me crazy! This week looks to be a little less insane - so far. That could change...
Tim was in playoffs for his baseball league. Fortunately they won both games on Thursday, and the first of two on Friday to win the Gold in their division! If they had lost two games on Friday, playoffs would have continued into next week, when Tim is at Campfire!, and he would have missed out on the "glory". Here he is receiving his gold medal. He was a little disappointed that it wasn't real gold, or at least gold-plated.
And one of the team with the big trophy!
We also had four kids in swimming lessons every day for the last two weeks. We always go to Thames Park downtown for lessons, since there is a nice playground there, and a (free) wading pool. That way the two who are waiting have something to do, and Natalie stays busy too. On Wednesday we picked up Art's great-aunt and took her along for a picnic lunch. Since she and her husband were childless, our kids are pretty much considered her (great?) grandchildren. Natalie sat and talked with Tante Janny for quite a while.
At the end of the two weeks, Tim passed his Level 3, Deanna passed Level 2, and the twins came very close to passing Level 1. Just have to work on those flutter kicks! Although when I looked at Deanna's report card from last year, flutter kicks were not introduced until Level 2, so I might just enroll them in Level 2 next year anyway. They were not too disappointed that they didn't get their badges. And they both learned a lot, so it wasn't a total waste...
Tomorrow, the two oldest leave for Campfire! They are very excited, and can't wait to get there. I hope the weather improves... might have to pack some more long pants and sweaters...
So I am hoping for a bit more of a relaxing week!
Enjoy your day of rest today - I am!
Have a blessed Sabbath!

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