Saturday, August 23, 2008


Once again, there has been a lot going on around here. I thought we'd have a few quiet weeks, but it is not to be, I guess!

Tim and Deanna had a WONDERFUL time at Campfire!, as usual. Check out my brother John's blog for pictures. Their counsellors were great, the chaplain inspiring, and they are already talking about next year.

Swimming lessons are over with for another year. Maybe I blogged that already... can't remember. I think I did....

My husband turned 40 this week! I remember my Dad turning 40. It seemed a lot older then than it does now....

Today is Art's great-aunt's 80th birthday. 40 doesn't seem like such a big deal next to that! We have an Open House this afternoon, and dinner after.

Grandma Pieterman has again had a rough week. She was very depressed, and had basically given up. She lay in her bed staring at the ceiling, waiting to "go home to the LORD". She was refusing to eat or do any of her therapies. Her doctor had put her on anti-depressants, and encouraged the family to send lots of visitors, to give her "a reason to live". I took the kids on Thursday to try and cheer her up. They tried their best, but she was not responding too well. We stopped at the apartment to see Grandpa, he was happy to see the kids, so they cheered someone up anyway!
Last night, Mom and Dad called to say that Grandma had decided suddenly yesterday that she better get moving! She wanted to go in her wheelchair and tour the floor (she's still in the Isolation Ward), and was not ready to go back to bed when Grandpa suggested she should. She is much more animated and ate quite well! Maybe it's the medication kicking in, or the visitors; either way, we are thankful she has had this upturn. Her body is healthy and her heart is strong, so she was going to be waiting a long time to die.... we tried to tell her that it was not up to her to decide when was her time, but up to the LORD. She is understandably tired and fed up with being in the hospital. I'd be depressed too!
We hope that she will now recover quickly and be able to go home again!

One more week of summer holidays! I can't believe how quickly this summer has flown by! I'm not quite ready for schedules, lunches, homework and all that other busyness that comes with school. I'm not sure Natalie is ready to give up her playmates either! She's gotten quite good at bossing them around. Especially Allison, who is (usually) happy to play dress-up or princess with her!

Enjoy your last week of summer!

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Marg said...

Happy Birthday Art! Isn't it amazing how your perception of age changes as you get older!! 40 ain't so old after all.
Good to hear your grandmother has picked up again. Hope all goes well with her.
Love, Marg