Monday, August 11, 2008


Art's grandmother had been recovering well from her amputation in Chatham hospital. She was receiving physio therapy and working hard towards regaining enough strength that she could go home. She was to the point where she could stand on her good leg for 2 minutes, transfer from bed to wheelchair, and transfer into the van.
Then she got a bladder infection, which was, of course treated with antibiotics. She has now contracted C. difficile, a very dangerous infection. The latest we have heard is not very positive, she is now receiving oxygen.
Please pray for healing and recovery for Grandma, and patience for Grandpa. At this point, the prognosis does not look good, but we know that she is in the hands of the Great Physician. His will be done.

*This afternoon, we heard the good news that Grandma is improving, even sitting up in bed eating Cream of Wheat. God is good!*

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