Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Busy Days!

So the big news around here is the new school. After 32 years at it's present location, Covenant Christian School is moving. The choice was to either do some major renovations and additions to our current facility, or find another more suitable. Providentially, a school was found for sale that met our needs, and an offer to purchase was made. To make a long story not so long...
We got possession last week, and now the work begins!
The previous owners (another Christian School) basically walked away from the building, leaving classrooms and closets packed with stuff. Some useful, some...not so much!
So we have been cleaning and sorting, every chance we get. The students will get an extra week of Christmas holidays so we can start school in the new building! The kids are so excited!
A website has been set up for the school, so feel free to check it out at www.ccslondon.org.

Have a great week, and if you're in the area, stop by...bring your mop and bucket!


Anonymous said...

Is anyone going to be there on boxing day? That's when we'll be out your way...

are they selling pieces of the old school for people like me who spent 8 years there?

JVD said...

wow! I just looked at the website of the new school and think it is a great move.

Want to grab a piece of school for me Stu? Actually, in the Gr 7/8 portable, behind the shelving in one corner one of my art pieces fell behind and was lost forever :( You can pick that up for me, lol.

Lisa said...

Ha Ha, Jocelin, I'll ask James to keep an eye out for it!
Maybe you can BUY a piece of the old school to help finance the new school....that might be a good fundraiser!

Stu, where are you going to be on Boxing Day?? In Strathroy? Because we, unfortunately, will be in Chatham. But if you're here early enough, we can probably arrange for a tour of the new school.

Laura said...

WOW, that's so exciting for you guys!! Hope everything goes well and you're able to move in in Jan!