Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sandink Christmas Dinner

I know Sherri posted pictures on her blog, but I thought I'd add some of my own. Last Saturday we gathered in Freelton for our annual Sandink Christmas Dinner. There was a good turnout, the food was delish as always, and we could catch up with those we hadn't seen for awhile. This was the first Sandink Dinner without Opoe, but hopefully not the last.
On with the pictures:
Callum loves trucks!

The stage was popular - no music, but the kids put on quite a show!
Nice face, Amanda!
Natalie's favourite Uncle Pieter!
And of course, Santa Claus dropped by with a bag of goodies for all the kids!

4 years ago, we met at the same hall in Freelton for the same reason. And guess what!
I found pictures on my computer from that dinner too:

It's a bit far, but Opoe is sitting at this end of the middle table, with a red sweater on.
Amanda and Allison! Weren't they cute?

Tim with Santa.

Deanna taking a shot at the pinata.
This one's for you, Alicia! Rick and Reuben. I hardly recognized him without his curls! (Reuben, I mean, not Rick. Obviously his curls are hidden under the Santa hat!)

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