Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Hike at the Royal Botanical Gardens

Yesterday the Harsevoort clan gathered to celebrate my Dad's birthday, and also my nephew's which is today. Happy Birthday Zachary!!
We had planned to go bowling, but it was such a beautiful day, we thought it would be a shame to spend it indoors and instead we met at the RBG in Burlington for a hike.
The birds are so tame there they will eat right out of your hand! This was a big thrill for my girls, especially Deanna!
Deanna the birdfeeder!
Notice Grandpa holding her arm steady...she was thrilled that she got a bird to land on her!
Tim was pretty good at attracting the chicks. Chickadees, that is...
Here is Tyson, my youngest nephew (so far!)
Dad looking for birds.
Jonah - just love those curls!
Cool Callum!
Tim and Jeremy climbing a fallen tree.
The little ones...
Poor Natalie came down with the flu the night before, so she stayed home with Art. She didn't even care, which is an indication of how lousy she was feeling. Today she cannot even keep liquids down.
It was a great hike, followed by a yummy pizza supper and good fellowship at Mom and Dad's. For all those times as a child that I wished I was an only child, I am certainly glad now that I was not. It's so great to get together with our whole big noisy group.....
....5 months til camping!!!!


Herman said...

Whats with the ads in the middle of your blog? Art's name is in green and doudle underlined?? Do you know about this?

Lisa said...

Um.. I don't see anything here. Anyone else seeing funny things on my blog?

PietHarsevoort said...

Looks fine in Firefox.

KM said...

Lisa, I so did not know you had a blog! I'm too lazy so I just stick to FB, lol. Deanna told me about the birds on her hand. M recognized Tim and Natalie right away.

Lisa said...

Kim, how did you find it then?