Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March Break Fun

We had really no plans for the March Break, other than just enjoying some relaxing time, free of alarm clocks and schedules....
It turned out to be a busy week, but not TOO busy. Very enjoyable! The weather was beautiful, which always helps.
Monday was a veg day at home. We rented a couple of new Wii games, so that kept kids busy.
Tuesday was so gorgeous we headed to Springbank Park to feed the geese and enjoy some time outdoors. We picked up Tim's friend Jared (for a sleepover) on the way. The boys both brought their rollerblades and really enjoyed blading through the park.

Wednesday was supposed to be colder and rainy, so a group of us made plans to meet for bowling at a local alley. As it happens, it didn't rain, but that's okay, the kids had a hoot bowling. We had 5 girls on one lane aged 7 and under, they didn't even finish one game (in the hour we had the lanes booked.) Some of the older boys got almost 2 games in. I don't know who had more fun though.

Thursday was busy with eyedoctor appointments, picking kids up from various sleepovers, laundry catchup, etc.
Thursday night was games night at our new school for the young peoples and adults. A very fun evening of volleyball in the gym and card/board games in the hallway. I think this will become a monthly event.
During this week of sleepovers and fun with friends, we were also reminded of the frailty and brevity of earthly life. My sister-in-laws mother passed away suddenly at a young age after suffering a brain aneurysm. While this was totally unexpected and shocking, it serves as a reminder to us all that we could be called Home to our Lord at any time. As the minister reminded us also at the funeral, we must always be ready.
We grieve with Kim and John, but also rejoice with them that she is in a far better place, where we will meet again someday.
And now, back to school and back to routine. Which is also good.

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